Saturday, 10 September 2011

Welcome to the Cheap Seats

Hello Internet,

 My name is Neil, but most people call me Riley. I'm 31 years old, work as a projectionist for a reasonably large cinema chain, and since I was seven years old I've been fascinated by the written word.

 I've always loved books, I feel on edge and ill at ease if I don't have something on the go. Much of my early years and on into my twenties I mostly read fairly light, easy on the brain stuff. Wizards and dragons. Spaceships and laser guns. A few years ago I decided to read more classic works. In that time I've read some truly phenominal books. I still read a lot of genre fiction but tend towards the classier end of the scale.

 Where I going with this is that I want to write. I think, if nothing else, I could write some decent short stories, maybe have some people like them and that's enough for me really. I've had next to no practice at it however and as I'm sure you can probably see, my written English could use some work. This is where you come in, blog! I'm going to start studying English Literature at the Open University soon and the lack of polish in my writing has me worried, so constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

 I also consume media at a prodigious rate, movies, games, books or whatever. The older I get, the wierder stuff I find myself enjoying. I watched some opera recently, god help me. I'll probably post various impressions on whatever I've seen/done recently, just for the sake of something to write.

So that's what this blog will be about. Me, my progress towards being a writer (in whatever capacity), school, work and nerd stuff. I hope you enjoy reading about this stuff, but I'm really doing this for me.


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