Monday, 26 September 2011

You Don't Know, Man. You Weren't There.

Hello Blog,

It's been a busy week. I have a few things to share with you so let's move right along.

First up, I went to see Reginald D. Hunter at The Royal Concert Hall on Saturday. The theatre was very beautiful even if we were so far up that it was vertigo inducing.
He was supported by Steve Hughes, an Australian comedian who apparently doesn't have a DVD for me to shill. Steve was funny, unfortunately I'd already seen the bulk of his act on TV so few giggles were had, but it was an experience to see him live anyway.
Reggie was great though. Warm, engaging and with far more bite to his humour than I was expecting from his TV appearances. He's still on tour so if you get the chance you really should make the time to see him.

I tried to think of a good segue here but I got nothing, so here's a jarring subject change.

My friends Kate and Laura just got back from a month in Vietnam which sounded totally fascinating and also leech infested. I'm looking forward to hearing more stories of old ladies shotgunning American soldiers and looking at pictures of the beautiful countryside, however the thing that has me giddy with ghoulish glee is my dead GI lighter.

 A friend and I used to talk about this sort of thing years ago, so half jokingly and fully drunkenly I asked Kate to bring me one back and lo and behold the girl came through on it. It's pretty knackered and possibly they knock them out to flog to tourists but even so it's a pretty cool and unique souvenir.
I already have a zippo that I haven't used in a while, mostly due to laziness, so I intend to cannibalise mine for parts and repair it.
I'm aware of the moral issues at play here. This is a dead guy's possession and it's a little bit creepy to revel in it's provenance, but it's cool and was thoughtful of Kate to get it for me. I mean no disrepect, I have nothing but awe for the bravery of soldiers and I will take better care of it than the guy who hawked it. Pics to follow.

Uni starts this week and frankly I'm freaking out a little bit, but that's a bigger post than I'm ready for right now. I'll talk about that next time.



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